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What's Going On's Podcast

Feb 21, 2018

Today we are joined by one of Montreal's best comics working today Gino Durante. He has performed at Just For Laughs’ Zoofest and is literally one of the busiest people. We reminisce, talk about social media, what to do after a bad set, the Montreal comedy scene and more hilarious topics! 

Feb 14, 2018

Today we are joined by one of my best friends and favorite comics  Adrian Davidson. He is an incredibly talented comedian/actor and also runs a hot show at The Creek & The Cave called Barely Making It. We talked about how we met, being married, shooting strange commercials in NYC, doing comedy in...

Feb 7, 2018

Today we are joined by New York Comedy Club Talent Booker Amy Hawthorne. She is incredibly knowledgeable about stand-up comedy and has brought her experience from the legendary Comedy Store in LA to the Big Apple. We talked about how we met, what is like to book talent at one of NYC's best comedy clubs as well as the...

Feb 1, 2018

Today we are joined by one of Montreal's hardest working comedians Kris Dulgar. He runs a bilingual comedy show in Montreal called Un P'tit Creux de Rire. Kris also runs several shows at the legendary Comedyworks. If you're doing stand-up in Montreal you will most likely run into Kris. We talked about being...